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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hello everyone, today I will present this cover sent to me from USA, thank you Michael. The whole Hawaiian Rain Forest set is used. It was released in September 2010 and as you can see it was sent to Hawaii for the special first day postmark. Five of the ten stamps depict birds and four of the five species are presented for the first time on stamps. From left to right:
Apapane (Himatione sanguinea): This finch is endemic to Hawaii. It mostly feeds on nectar from flowers but it can also eat insects.
Omao (Myadestes obscurus): This thrush is also endemic to Hawaii and it is listed as vulnerable. It feeds on fruit, berries, snails, insects and flower bracts.
Akepa (Loxops coccineus): Also endemic to Hawaii, this bird has three subspecies but only Loxops coccineus coccineus has not been extinct. It feeds on small caterpillars which it finds on 'Ohi'a-lehua trees leaf buds. It also feeds on this tree's nectar and on insects and arthropods it finds on koa trees.
Hawaii Amakihi (Hemignathus virens): It is endemic to Hawaii too. It is one of the most common honeycreepers there. This finch eats nectar, juices from fruit, insects and spiders.
Iiwi (Vestiaria coccinea): This endemic to Hawaii Hawaiian hummingbird-niched species is endangered. It feeds on nectar and small arthropods.

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